Flies Pest Control : How To Get Rid of Flies at home

Flies Pest Control can threaten not only your business, but the health of your employees and customers. Flies breed quickly and can lay hundreds of eggs every few days. Their eggs can hatch in as little as 12-24 hours. Maggots begin feeding immediately. Flies often come from rotting and diseases laden garbage and are known for contaminating food in exposed areas. They spread disease through pathogenic bacteria that can cause staph, E.coli, salmonella and shingles. Also flies can cause customers to form an unsanitary image of your business, thus undermining your establishment.

Flies Pest Control Life Cycle

Flies has a complete life cycle having egg,larvae,pupae and adult life stages. The incubation of egg may take 12-24 hours.Flies larvae will starts feeding for 3-6 days.Then larvae becomes pupae for 3 to 8 days. The cycle may be completed in 6 days with 10-12 generations.Emerging adult is ready to mate after few hours. No Flies pest control is successful if the life cycle is not broken.

Flies Pest Control life cycle of flies

Type of Flies and their pest control

Correct identification of the species is important for flies pest control. Proper inspection of the type of flies is very important. The breeding site and behavior is different for different flies. Most common types of flies are,

House Flies

Flesh Flies

Stable Fly

Horse Fly

Fruits Fly

Drain Fly

After correct inspection and identification of flies,we need to know their behavior,breeding sites and life cycle. The behavior different species of flies is different. Fruits flies prefer rotten fruits. Drain flies prefer drain areas. So after correct identification we will have better controls.

Flies Pest Control and Breeding Sites

Different flies has a different breeding medium.Fruits flies prefer to breed in rotten fruits like onion,banana etc.Drain flies mostly breed in the faulty drains with organic matter accumulation around the walls.We have to do the careful identification of the type of flies which is important in the flies pest control.Most common types of breeding sites are decaying organic matter,Decaying organic matter,Human excrement,garbage bins,animal manure etc.

Integrated Pest Management and Flies Pest Control

Integrated pest management is the safe technique to have flies pest under control.In IPM we will focus on different types of pest control options for Flies pest control. IPM,we use physical pest control,sanitation and proofing,non chemical control and non chemical control. Inspection of garbage bins,animal manure and moist organic.

After careful inspection we will check the sanitation and proofing conditions of the specific sites.How is the situation of garbage bins.Garbage bins should be kept clean and away from the buildings. We have to check  the garbage collection and water leakage from the garbage bins.These factors are very important fro the flies pest control. use screens and air curtains to avoid flies entry.

Non Chemicals Flies Pest Control

There are lot of devices available in the market for the Flies pest control.Electric Fly killer machines are very good for flies control. EFK will attract the flies and kill the flies by electrification.Glue Board is the latest technology in electric fly killer machine. Flies are attracted and stuck with glue in the sticky glue boards. This is more hygienic and safe. As in the electrocution,the fines body parts of the flies may fall in the food which still contains pathogenic bacteria and viruses.Tube lights are very important and changed after 9 months.After 9 months,tube lights will loose efficacy of attraction of flies.