Company Policies

The Board of Directors of SERVO is committed to continuously implement operational policies as follows (copy can be provided upon request):

Quality Policy

SERVO is working within ISO 9001:2008 standards. Also implementing and maintaining the highest standards of operational services. The company is committed to the principle of continuous improvement in all its business activities and in this manner we will achieve the company’s objectives of:

Satisfying all of the stated and implied needs of our clients. Strengthening our commercial position. Actively moving towards our corporate vision,

To be your leading services provider

Health and Safety Policy

Covering all areas of health and safety aspects for all level of management within the company.

Environmental Policy

Our company is committed to continually improve the company-wide environmental management system

Sustainability Policy

Ensure sustainable development of our and future generation of the company.

Training and Development

SERVO is committed to provide continuous and effective training and development for our employees to ensure that the customers receive quality services which the company aims for.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

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Amanda Seyfried
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