Green Pest Management


The last decades have seen more people and corporation take part of a green movement that promotes a responsible approach to safeguarding the environment and natural resources.

Public awareness grew and more concepts were developed and marketed around this green Movement. Organic, environment friendly, green etc. Products and services were introduced to cater to the growing needs of people and corporation.

The pest management industry was a pioneer at creating a green pest management services that follows strict protocols focused around using non chemical methods, selecting least hazardous pesticides and using them only when deemed necessary in smart targeted application. This green pest management approach focus on the mandatory cooperation of the client to implement the provided recommendation such as sanitation and pest proofing premises.

H&G introduces the Green Integrated Pest Management services. Green ipm is preventive based solution approach meeting all the international standards

While many pest management companies can flag a Green services. It is very important to make sure that services are up to the mark of Green standards.

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