Fumigation Services

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Fumigation Services

Servo is specialized in fumigation service which is used against Stored product pests like rice weevils, flour beetles, granary weevil, drugstore beetle, khapra beetle, tobacco beetle etc.
According to  FAO some 10 to 20% of the world´s harvest are destroyed by insect pests and rodents every year. Other sources estimate 30% or even 40%.This amount of food would be sufficient to feed several hundred millions of people.

The Complete solution to the store products pests is the Servo Fumigation services to protect the commodities against stored products. Our procedure is Safe with certified Fumigation specialists.

Fumigation SolutionsServo pest control services will do following types of fumigation

  • Space Fumigation
  • Container Fumigation
  • Stack Fumigation
  • Silos Bin Fumigation
  • Ship Fumigation


Servo Fumigation Management Plan StrategyChoose servo for safe applications of fumigation servo to protect stored grains and all types of stored food products like nuts, cereals, pulses, coca beans and processes food like chocolate, herbs, spices etc.

Pre- Fumigation
During Fumigation
Post- Fumigation

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